how to start online business in china

You’ve chosen to open an online business in China. Now what? Well, there are several important steps to take. First, you must open an account in a Chinese bank. You can choose between a basic RMB account, a capital account, a tax deduction account, and even an external loan. Secondly, you have to register your website in China’s big cities. You may be required to open a business office in one of these cities, depending on your business type. Some businesses choose to set up their offices locally.

ICP license

You can run your online business in China with an ICP license, also known as a commercial license or ICP Zheng. It is regulated by the VATS licensing system and is issued on a per-company basis. To operate an online business in China, you must submit an ICP Filing for every top-level domain you own. Once you have the ICP Commercial License, you can charge your users for forum memberships, paid reading and information publishing. However, you need to obtain the approval of relevant industry bodies before submitting the application form. As such, businesses in these domains tend to receive higher rejection rates.


Starting an online business in China may sound complicated, but the process is actually quite simple. Here are some steps that you should follow to get started. The first step is to hire a local lawyer who specializes in international business. If you have never worked in China before, then you should contact an attorney in your country. Then, you can use this lawyer to represent your business interests in the country. Besides, they will also be able to provide you with a variety of business solutions.

Remote online teaching

There is a growing demand for English teachers in China. The amount people will pay varies greatly depending on the country, but the demand is high. To begin your business, establish social media channels and record short teaching examples. Post these videos on local Facebook groups in your target markets and in LinkedIn. Moreover, you should build a professional profile in the ESL companies outside of China. This will make you visible in the target markets and increase your chances of securing work.

Standalone website

A stand-alone website for online business in China can be an important part of a winning eCommerce strategy. Standalone websites offer many benefits such as diversified investment portfolios, enhanced exposure opportunities, and higher retention rates. Additionally, a stand-alone website gives you the opportunity to test hypotheses about your products and services before launching them on a marketplace. It is also important to know that in China, consumers use fewer web search engines and have lower brand awareness compared to the West.

Chinese e-commerce platforms

Chinese e-commerce platforms are not suitable for all brands, and you have to carefully analyze your product or service before selecting one. Regardless of the market size, you should consider the number of consumers, the number of available products, and the price range to make the most profitable decision. You can also choose to sell a lower-priced item to a larger market, such as Hong Kong. However, you should be smart enough to determine the best time to launch your online business in China.

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