For any foreign citizen, a visa is always an issue that could create lots of stress.

A new visa is required when they are switching employers or decided to be an entrepreneur.

Although the process and documents required are similar, for those who decided to set up their own business, they could apply for the new Chinese visa as if they are the employee of their own company.

Therefore, the establishment process of the company would be the first step.

The general application processes

  1. Temporary residence registration with police station (1 business day)
  2. Employer registers a new account in the system if there is no existing account (2 business days)
  3. Application for Work Permit (15 business days)
  4. Application for Residence Permit (7 business days)

Once the Working Permit application is lodged under the new employee, the Entry ad Exit Administration Bureau should be notified and process to cancel the existing Residence Permit under the previous employee.

What Happen to Chinese Visa When Foreign Citizens Switching Jobs In China?

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The applicant would be granted with 1-month M visa (bridging visa) that allows them to stay onshore until the new RP is obtained.

What Happen to Chinese Visa When Foreign Citizens Switching Jobs In China?

The new employer company is required to provide:

  1. Copy of the business license
  2. Request Form for employment

Note For Chinese Visa

  • If the application for switching visas is lodged while the current one is expiring within 30 days, the process will essentially be the same as applying for a new visa. Therefore, if possible, prepare for the switching process early.
  • For HK, Taiwan, and Macau citizens, Employment Permits are no longer required from Sept 2018. All employment rules are as per China citizens.
  • The success rate of the application might be discounted if the current employer and the new employer are from different industries. For instance, the current one is an accounting firm and the new one is a restaurant.