Have you ever think of business ideas in China? What is your plan for starting a business in China? What type of company can make money in China?

China is the next big business frontier in the world. U.S. Exporters and expert entrepreneurs are scrambling continuously to tap on the market and disposable income driving the economy of China.

Business ideas for China, particularly the best ones, are typically rooted in the industries in the Western countries.

These opportunities are easily adaptable to suit the Eastern culture.

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With that in mind, you should easily be able to tell what business is the best one to start in China.

Without much ado, here are some of the top business ideas to start in the world’s second-largest economy.


Processed food supplier

The Chinese, just like the citizens of many other countries, are migrating to the big cities for 21st-century lifestyles and for professional jobs. With such trends usually comes the need for things like convenient food tends to grow exponentially.

Actually, the need for convenient products such as food usually grows along with brand awareness. While there are many players in the food and beverage industry in the big cities of China, there are still large market shares available for grabs.

You can set up your distribution through a popular, established supermarket chain.

You can also set up eateries in strategic locations that experience huge human traffic. You can also have few mobile food tracks and also provide door-to-door delivery services.

Best business to start in China


Travel agency

In case you don’t know, China is currently the largest and fast-growing of the travel markets in the continent of Asia. It is projected more than 100 million visitors from China will be visiting the world by 2020.

Actually, many countries such as the U.S. are already marketing their services across China. They are promoting foreign destinations and building alliances.

The government of China also expanded its national holiday season, thereby creating even more opportunities, especially for outbound travel.

You can establish a travel agency in one or more cities in China so you can offer travel services. Some of the travel services you can offer include providing information on where travelers can stay, work, or have fun when they visit particular countries.


Education provider

While China has many universities, colleges, and high schools, opportunities still exist in the education sector. This is because the population is big and many people are always looking for better education for their children.

You can tap this field by providing better education. You can also establish a college or a university to provide the U.S. or foreign education. Of course, universities currently dominate foreign education in China.

However, a lot of opportunities still exist for language, vocational, and management school training not only for ex-pats but also for locals. Foreign educators in China can teach ex-pats and locals in various fields of study.

You will need proper licensing from China’s Ministry of Education for you to teach Chinese nationals.

If you are a foreigner and you would want to target Chinese nationals for your education services, you can work with a trustworthy Chinese partner so they can take care of the application process.

Best business to start in China


Consulting Firm

A consulting firm is one of the best businesses to start in China today.

The country has an explosive economy and it needs professional help managing it.

Boutique consulting firms in various countries have always followed the established multinationals into an advanced market economy which usually needs investment, management, legal, and human resources consulting.

Nothing like “consulting” existed or was widely used in the language of China’s former economy and the native resources still remain scarce. This is an area that still needs to be explored to the fullest.


Aviation parts manufacturing

The aviation industry of China has enjoyed more than a double-digit growth over the last several years. In fact, by the end of 2020, China is likely to purchase at least 4, 000 new aircraft.

$480 USD billion or more is at stake here, and Chinese manufacturers of aircraft parts are all hustling to have a piece or more of the action. The same is true about aircraft assembly.

China is now building a low-end market. Nonetheless, they are ensuring that the aircraft parts and assemblies they buy from foreign suppliers are sophisticated and meet strict industry standards.

Here are some advantages of setting up a manufacturing company in China


High-tech security supplying business

China is investing its resources in infrastructure.

There is construction everywhere. This makes it a one big building site. A lot of money is being poured into several large-scale projects.

This leaves cutting-edge security and surveillance equipment in very high demand. Shopping facilities are in need of video surveillance.

Burglar-proof and door-access equipment are outfitting transportation systems, sports stadiums, and government buildings. The security market in Cina is big and still growing, making it an area of business interest.